tyrus's eye on art:

Musings on Art and the Contemporary Art World

For the average person the contemporary art world seems to speak in a foreign language. I have found over the past decade that many people have an interest in art but feel like outsiders to a very insulated conversation. The truth is, contemporary art is often created in a multilayered way that references art history with which many people are not familiar. This leaves the ordinary viewer at a loss, but also provides a bit of hope since there are multiple interpretations that can be made of contemporary art works.

The purpose of this blog site is two-fold. First, it includes thoughts, observations, and analysis of contemporary artists and their works. Hopefully, some of this will allow people who are not often part of the contemporary art world conversations some tools to interpreting and enjoying work that they would normally bypass. It may also offer a slightly different view on some contemporary works than is typically available. The second type of blog entry is based on my own artwork. This will give previews of some of the pieces currently under production in my studio, along with some discussion of the process and techniques employed.

The nature of blogs makes their web presence more easily updated than this main artist's website, so the content will change often. If you would like to be informed by email when the blog is updated please email me at : tyrus@tyrusclutter.com

Go to Tyrus's Eye on Art to begin reading these essays today. There, you may also search artists and topics to find items relevant to your particular interests.

Tyrus at the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh.
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