about these pieces:

These works all incorporate the polyester plate lithographic technique. They are split between prints on vintage fabrics and prints on antique book pages. For each of these the image is essentially "drawn" in Photoshop by erasing out scanned areas of text or text and music. With several layers of text multiplying on one another, an image eventually appears.

The plates are made by printing them through a (toner-based) laser printer. The fabric works are then simply printed from the plates on an etching press. The works on book pages have to first be printed with a whitish ink several times, to deaden the print already on the page. The black is then printed on top of those layers to produce the palimpsest effect.

While many of the images are related to one another, and some images are used at different sizes on different papers or fabrics, these are not yet considered a full fledged series. They are the initial experiments for some future series.