about this series:

This is a representation of the first plates for the series of etchings inspired by readings from the Desert Fathers. They employ more representational imagery with the color viscosity printing technique. The very nature of the technique makes representation somewhat difficult as some degree of abstraction is inevitable.

The ongoing series is conceived as twenty-five pairs of portraits. There will be twenty-five images of Jesus drawn from art historical sources, paired with some of the best and worst figures from human history--with everything in between. There will also be additional pairings and juxtapositions of figures outside of those original pairings.

These original trial prints are from 2006 and 2007, but you can view new experiments with the started in 2015.

About a third of the funding amount needed to complete the series was donated after a crowdcourced Kickstarter Campaign (Kickstarter only collects and awards funds if the goal is met). You can still obtain artwork rewards for your donations right through this website. Those go to completing the second half of the project.