about this series:

This series of woodcuts is probably how most people first come to know Tyrus Clutter's work. Images from this series have been widely published. The series inadvertantly began when Clutter participated in print exchanges sponsored by Baren Forum. He had no idea that from those first prints the series would grow to the size it has. There is usually a specific narrative behind each image, though the artist tends not to fully explain them and leaves the interpretation a bit more open. The Pieta image is actually a reinterpretation of Fillipino Lippi's image in the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC. It was created for CIVA's 25th anniversary as part of the Codex VI: SILVER portfolio. The Entombment image was created for a CIVA printmaking exchange of the Stations of the Cross.

A selection of these works, some of the woodblocks used to print them, and some additional relief prints from the the artist's Christmas Card Prints, is now available as a traveling exhibition entitled - Christ: the incarnation. The exhibit consists of 30 framed pieces (as seen here). Venues are responsible for shipping to the next venue, insurance, and a $200 rental fee for four weeks. The rental fee may be applied as an institutional credit for the purchase of artwork. To book the exhibit or find out about availability contact inquiries@tyrusclutter.com .