relief printmaking:

Both woodcuts and linoleum block prints are created the same way. Several types of knives, chisels, and gouges are used to carve into the surface of the wood or linoleum. When a layer of ink is applied to the uppermost surface of the blocks they can be printed so that color is offset onto a sheet of paper in the areas not carved into the blocks. Printing can be done with one of several types of presses, but it can also be done by hand. The hand printing method is often simply achieved by placing a sheet of paper on an inked block and then rubbing the backside of the paper with a wooden spoon. Other relief processes include wood engraving (not to be confused with intaglio engraving) and some forms of collagraph printing. For exhaustive details on the process and materials of relief printmaking go to Baren Forum, the video below shows the carving process.